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We try to focus our attention on the two breeds of gaited horses we enjoy the most. Gaited horses are known to keep one foot on the trail at all times. This provides the rider with an amazingly smooth ride. The horses are also very sure-footed on steep terrain. These aspects enable longer trail rides and greater exploration. The horses are fun loving and a pleasure to be around. Review this list of breeds for more information on specific horse breeds.

Gaited Breed Information and Brief History

Rocky Mountain Horse (RMH)
The Rocky Mountain Horse originated in a small mountainous region of Kentucky. Beginning in the early 19th century, farmers in the area coveted them for their smooth gait, beautiful coloration, balanced temperament and versatility.

The Rockies are used as a pleasure horse for trail riding and are rapidly gaining in popularity because of their beauty and unique way of moving. The calm temperament of this horse makes it ideally suited for working around cattle, other farm animals or for 4-H. These horses are hardy and sure-footed on rough and uneven ground. Their natural gait requires a minimum of effort by both horse and rider, so together you can cover a greater distance tirelessly.

In an effort to maintain these desirable and naturally occurring traits, an effort to organize the breeding of the RMH resulted in the creation of the Rocky Mountain Horse Association in 1986. Among the strict registry requirements is a natural four-beat gait with no evidence of pacing. When the horse moves forward you can count four distinct hoof beats. This occurs from birth and does not require any special training or use of devices.

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse (KMSH)
The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association was developed to encourage selective breeding in an effort to maintain the much desired natural, smooth gait and gentle, willing disposition of these horses. They may be of any color, and can be classified in class A or B depending on height. They are of good conformation with well- proportioned bodies, necks, hinds, and legs.

The "saddle" gait is recognized and defined as a natural, distinct, four-beat gait (i.e. no artificial means used). This gait is smooth, even and very comfortable for the rider. The horse is expected to show a quiet disposition, but is alert and willing.

These characteristics make for an excellent trail and all-around family friendly horse. Having registered the local foundation mountain horses, the Registry was opened to receive other horses possessing these traits. The stallion books are now closed but fillies/mares can still be registered at this time.

Class A consists of horses from 13.3 H with no upper limit in height
Class B consists of horses from 11 H to 13.3 H. Other than height

Both classes A and B, required the same standards for registration.

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