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First Aid Kit For Your Horse Rides

The Kit:

  • Roll of vetrap
  • Brown roll gauze
  • Gauze sponges
  • Telfa Pads
  • Kotex or some female sanitary napkins make great wound pads. They are self wrapped and absorbent
  • Bute, paste. If not paste then you have to have an extra syringe along to administer crushed and dissolved tablets
  • Electrolyte Paste
  • Small container of chlorhexidine (Novalsan) or Betadine for wound disinfectant
  • Small container Blood Stop Powder
  • Tube Zinc Oxide or Desitin
  • Small container Furacin, (Nitrofurazone)
  • Opthalmic ointment
  • Alcohol wipes, a few small packets
  • Cold Pack
  • Long, sharp tweezers
  • Scissors

Optional depending on terrain:

  • 2 six inch long pieces of garden hose to keep a horse's nostrils open if he has been bitten by a rattlesnake.
  • If you bring a dog along, Benadryl tablets for snake bite. Dosage: 1-2 mg per lb. (60-lb. dog, 2-4 25mg tablets every 8 hrs)

The purpose of using a First Aid Kit is just to get your horse safely off the trails and to your vet. It is FIRST aid, so you don't need large quantities of anything. If you feel comfortable giving shots, you may want to ask your vet for some Banamine or Ace to bring along in case you need something stronger than Bute to get your horse to the trailer. You might also want to bring along some heavy duty surgical thread and curved needle with forceps. It really depends on your comfort level. In all our years in the back country, we've only needed to sew up one horse, but we were 40 miles from the trailhead and were mighty glad we had packed the sutures, needle and forceps. For most folks, and certainly for most of the time, it's probably overkill.

I put all our vet supplies in a red cordura square saddle pouch that can clipped/tied to the saddle or slipped inside the saddle bags. I carry it on the left side so it is right at hand when I dismount. I also put a ziploc pouch of butterfly bandages, bandaids etc. for us, as well as any special human emergency medications. I usually carry a vial of epinephrine with a small syringe in case someone needs it for a bee sting, or something worse. It works for horses and people. I carry an extra pair of magnifying cheater glasses -the Ben Franklin kind- in the first aid kit so I can see what I'm doing in case something has happened to my glasses.

First Aid Kit Uses

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