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Welcome to Mountain Horse Sense

Up against the Continental Divide at 7150 feet, MountainHorseSense is nestled against a towering red mesa in the high desert country of Quemado, New Mexico. Here Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain horses come from old bloodlines, are beautifully gaited, and have wonderful dispositions. Once you get to know a Mountain Horse, you won't be happy with any other breed. We know, because that's what happened to us. Naturally gaited with a singlefoot or rack, they carry you smoothly all day in the roughest terrain, their sensible minds and catty balance make traversing mountain ledges safe, and their fun loving personality makes them truly delightful companions. Gentle, highly intelligent and very willing, these comfortable horses have a beauty and presence that turns heads wherever they go.

Trail horses in an empty pack stringRockies are perhaps best known for having chocolate colored bodies with flaxen or white manes and tails, but they come in all solid colors. We have the signature chocolates, elegant blacks, classic bays and shiny sorrels. We believe that as beautiful as color may be, it is the least important characteristic of a horse. We select for a mellow trail horse temperament, solid gait and good conformation. Our horses are easy keepers both in matters of feed and veterinary care, have strong tough feet that are a farrier's dream and all have the friendly puppy dog personality that Rockies are famous for.

There is no better trail horse of any breed, and here we are lucky to be able to have our Rocky Mountain Horses in a terrain of mesas, mountains and rolling high country that suits them so well. This is the countryside of the Anasazi, of Butch and Sundance, of Geronimo -- all of whom would doubtless have been delighted to have had a tough, smooth and elegant Mountain Horse to ease their travels and travails.

If you are interested in learning more about the breed, taking a test drive or are looking for your special buddy, please give Lisa or Ken a call or send an e-mail.
We'd love to hear from you.

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